The Lott Family// Provo Utah Family Photographer

The heat has seriously been a killer the past few days and this session was sooooooo hot! The Lott family seriously did so well in the heat! We started the session at 6 and it was still in the high 90's, and we were against the mountain, so it was even more toasty. As we were walking around there was literally zero shade and full sun every where. Who would have thought, I mean it was 6pm after all. I felt so bad for the Lott's, but they braved it well and they have some great pictures from it. I would have to say, it's totally worth it! You can also be the judge of that when you look through their images. 

I met Ammon & Leah back when we were students living near BYU. They went to the same church as us. It was fun to have them in our ward. A funny story actually. Pervious to Steven and I getting married we were searching for an apartment to live in. We found this perfect little apartment and when we went to call the landlord back to put the deposit down, it was already taken. We found another apartment that was super close by. After a while of living where we did, we soon found out that Ammon & Leah were the couple who beat us to that apartment!! Seriously such a small and funny world. They are both such kind people, Leah is just one of the sweetest. I love her kindness and sincerity that she exudes when she talks to you. 
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this session!!!