The Parkinson Family // Utah Lifestyle Photographer

Let me tell you how amazing and creative Adrian is. She is also a photographer, but she also is a designer. She designed my gorgeous website. What she did for my website was FAR beyond what I could even image. She is seriously amazing. I’ve always admired Adrian and her desire to be a wonderful mother and an excellent business women. Adrian and I grew up in the same area in Washington and I knew her younger brother, I didn’t know Adrian really at all. I remember when I first really got to know her and I heard about her from others, I was SOOOOOO intimidated by her and I still am. She really has an eye for beauty and I’ve always admired the work that she posts.  I remember thinking, man I would really like to be her friend but she probably is too cool for my friendship. I CLEARLY didn’t know her very well because she is one of THE nicest persons. I love looking at her work, which is why I hired her to do my website. She is seriously so talented and just a genuine person.

I hope you enjoy these pictures of my sweet friend, and all you who are looking for some branding help or website design, she is your women! GO hire her now! J