David & Emily // 5 Year Anniversary

Happy 5th year anniversary David & Emily! You two are so fabulous together! I can’t believe y’all have been married for 5 years, that’s forever it seems like! Well at least to this rookie who’s only been married  a little over 2 years. Thankfully we are over counting the months, but that’s just barely!

Anyway, I met David back in 2008. I had a friend introduce us and we became INSTANT friends! We seriously hung out all the time I feel like. I think I was home for a semester or something when we met. And then Emily, I actually knew her family before I even knew her. Her family attended the same ward (church congregation) as me. I became good friends with her brother and pretty much forced him to come to church with me. He was a super nice guy. 

Eventually David started dating Emily and because I knew David and her family I met Emily! I will be honest, at first I wasn’t a fan of her. Well I liked her until David bragged that his girl friend was like a size 2 or something. I can’t remember the size now. But I was not that size and it made me feel like I was a total fatty. Although I wasn’t, I just wasn’t a size 2. 

Eventually I left and went on an LDS mission to Texas. During that time David and Emily got married, yay!

I came home and then married Steven. Steven grew up with us and in fact, David and Steven were neighbors! So cool right! I am not sure how I got into contact with David & Emily again but I am so glad! Emily has become one of my closest friends!!! She is seriously so wonderful! I couldn’t ask for a better friend in my life, seriously! She is beautiful, kind, oh so talented, happy, trendy, and just an all around awesome person!

Emily is an amazing example to me of faith and positivity. Last year Emily had one of her thyroids removed because they found a lump. She had been having significant health issues and they finally figured it out. Because of her surgery she now has hypothyroid and has to take medication everyday. If anyone knows about this condition, it’s terrible. For the last year she has been trying to balance her hormone levels so she could have energy again. It’s been a hard battle for her. Even though she has been experiencing this hard trial, she has stayed positive through the entire thing. She truly trust the Lord and she knows that the Lord will guide her. I am so grateful for her example and her friendship. 

Thank you Emily & David for asking me to take your 5 year anniversary pictures, it was a delight!!!

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