Hinton Family // Utah Family Photographer

Oh my, I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed photographing this extended family! They are seriously such a fun family to work with. Rachelle was one of my leaders in a church group for young girls. She was an awesome leader and I was oh so grateful to have her as an example in my life. In fact, she still continues to be an example to me. 

Rachelle contacted me a few weeks ago asking about taking family pictures for her parents, brothers and sisters and all their family. I was thrilled for two reasons, 

1. because that meant I would get to visit with Rachelle for a bite and

2. I get to do the thing I love the most, photograph people. 

This is the largest extended family shot I have ever done and it was awesome! This family is fun, wild, crazy and well they just know how to have a great time. It was truly fun interacting with each family member and capturing the cute cute families!

As I sit back and look at this family I see a family who I hope to pattern my family like. Rick & Sherrie are not only amazing parents but amazing grandparents. They have raised 7 children, who from what I can tell, are the most respectable individuals. They are kind and love the Lord. You can see that each one of them reflect the images of Christ. To me a reflection of Christ means they are trying to live and pattern their lives according to Jesus Christ himself. Each one have a Christ like love for their children and siblings (parents included of course!).

Thank you Hinton family for having me take your pictures. It was such a BLASK and wonderful opportunity. It was also a way for me to see how a great family functions.