Thomas Family of Three // Utah Family Photographer

The Thomas Family are a family of three, soon to be a family of four! So excited for this family, they are due at the end of December! This isn’t a pregnancy announcement or anything, just good ole family photos. Which who doesn’t love those?

This was Emily’s Father’s day present for Matt and it’s an awesome father’s day present in my opinion!

As I said in previous post for them, their sneak peek. Emily and I work together in the health industry. It’s been so fun working with her, in fact her and I are on the same teach. We have a meeting twice a month with our team. I feel like it’s minute moments of girl time, because all of us on that team are girls! It’s seriously so fun and two of us are pregnant (not me). It’s fun to hear their stories about having children and pregnancy. I feel like I learn a little bite each time. Plus it’s just nice to have girls time with some amazing ladies!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this session as much as I did. The last few minutes were AMAZING! In the photography world we call it “golden hour”. Let me tell you it’s the BEST and most gorgeous lighting! It was beautiful when I took their pictures!!