Devin & Tarin // Seattle Wedding Photographer

Devin & Tarin’s wedding are one of two weddings that I photographed while I was in the beautiful State of Washington! Washington is beautiful and it was PERFECT weather the entire time we were there. There were blue skies and it was in the low 80’s. On their wedding day it actually sprinkled! The day started out beautiful with blue skies and fluffy clouds. Then when we started taking family pictures it started to sprinkle!! I was saying to myself and praying that it would stop! And lucky us, after the family pictures, it stopped!! I was SO THRILLED! The sky then became like an in-between of over cast and blue skies, but mostly blue skies! This photographer couldn’t have been happier!

For their wedding they got married in the LDS Seattle Washington Temple and then they went to Alki Beach in Seattle. By the time we got to Alki the sun was shining!!! It was warm and beautiful! After that I was done for that day. They then had a reception the following day at an LDS cultural hall. Tarin’s mom did the decorations, wow she did an AMAZING job! Everything was DIY, which means it takes a LOT of creativity to pull everything off. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful reception!

I couldn’t be happier for Tarin & Devin. They are seriously such a cute couple who love each other dearly. I love the way they look together and I love they way they look at one another. Two peas in a pod. Thank you Tarin for asking me to be your photographer. I am so glad that it all worked out. It was so much fun being a part of you day and watching the two of you. May your marriage be full of happiness for eternity! 

Welcome to Eternity you two!