Whatcott Family // Utah Family Photographer

Oh my oh my! This family is on the blog and I am SOOOOO EXCITED to show you how perfect they are! If you loved their sneak peek, you will love this post! I took their pictures while I was in Washington a week or so ago. We were there for some weddings! Washington was seriously a blast, I took tons of pictures and I was lucky enough to take these family photos. As I said in my pervious post, I am obsessed with these ladies hair, I MEAN OBSESSED! I am not one to covet, but I might have a little with their perfect hair. ;) Not only are these girls beautiful and their family, they are such a fun family! As you look through their beautiful pictures (not because of me but because of their good looks) you will see some very entertain pictures. This family really know how to have fun. They obviously learned that from their stellar parents! 

I could talk ALL. DAY. LONG. about the Whatcott parent’s they are the kindness, sweetest, most thoughtful couple! Lin was one of my LDS bishops back when I lived in WA and I was single. He was so fun to be around as is his wife. They made being single so much fun!! They were also great examples of what to look for in a companion and an example of how to partner my marriage. Very thankful for their example and faith. 

I would also like to mention, the only boy in these pictures isn’t actually the only boy in the family! His brother is on an LDS mission in Sacramento, CA. I think he has been out about a year now. Time sure flies!