Malina // Four Year Photo's

Malina turned 4 years old about a month ago and I was able to take her pictures for her. She is seriously a doll and dad’s little girl. I will give a prime example. During the shoot there were a couple of bugs that flew into the pool and Malina would get very nervous. When her dad saw this he instantly came to her rescue and removed the bugs. It was seriously so cute! You can tell that she loves her dad and that she knows that. Every girl needs that. :) 

And Malina is just like her mom. Although they don’t have the same skin type, as her dad is Polynesian, she truly is a little Leanna. It’s seriously so cute and Leanna just absolutely loves/adores Malina, you can tell she loves being a mom and she is a wonderful on at that! Leanna has always been a great example to me and she will continue to be one, especially as I one day have children. 

Leanna and I actually grew up together in Washington and we both ended up in Utah. Well at least for now, her plans may change. It was so fun growing up with her and I am glad we live close. 

Well enjoy these images, because I think this little diva is ADORABLE!

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