Peterson Family // Utah Maternity Photographer

The Peterson's have been our friends for a while now. Our friendship was certainly friendship at first camera. Now you are probably thinking, what does that even mean! Essentially it was the camera that brought us together as friends. It all started with Steven (my husband) and Brandon (dad below), they had a class together and Brandon brought a camera. It took off from there. Thankful they both took that class and even more thankful for their friendship! They are great people and amazing parents! 

They are certainly an amazing example to us of great parenting, plus it's hard not to love Hadley. She has grown up so much! When I was taking pictures of her and her family, her personality was radiating. She is just the funniest little thing, and also the MOST adorable!

Their little baby boy is due at the very beginning of November, so that means it's getting SO CLOSE!! Amy was telling me about their nursery and it's going to be super cute! I hope they also ask me to photograph their family in that nursery when the new little man comes. It would be awesome. ;)