The Remington Family // Utah Family Photographer

It’s friday and I couldn’t be more excited for the three day weekend ahead of us!! I love having an extra day off! What I love even more is family photo’s to kick off the weekend. And this family will not disappoint. They are THE cutest little family! The Remington’s are actually our neighbors and they moved in shortly after we moved in. I remember when they moved in, Brandon and his two oldest girls came over (this was about a year ago now). Those two girls were so much fun, they actually made me so excited to be a mom one day. That same feeling still stand each time I am around those little sweethearts. You can tell that they are very well loved by their parents. And they have to be one of the best parents I know. 

Ever since I met Kimmie, I have always thought she was so nice but also was very patient with her girls. She makes sure to explain things to them when they have questions or when they did something wrong. I love that Kimmie never yells or gets top frustrated at her girls, but calmly talks with them. And then what I love even more about her parenting style, is that she is very good to tell them what things they are doing right. I think that is so neat. When a parent recognizes a child’s good choice, that will only build them up and they will have a greater desire to serve. Those are the attributes that really stick out to me about Kimmie. I am sure Brandon is the same, but I don’t know him as well as Kimmie. They are great parents who love their children dearly. 

Oh and let’s just hope I have children as cute as theirs! They have the BEST personalities but they are SUPER SUPER cute!!! 

Thanks Kimmie for asking me, you family is beautiful!