Princess and The Penny // Utah Commercial Photographer

If you were to ask me where is my favorite place to buy girls bows, I would quickly say, Princess and the Penny. I seriously can’t get over how adorable the bows are and the price. For a mom to the cutest little girl I obviously want her to look cute and not be mistaken for a boy. A sure way to ensure these two items to be covered on a daily basis of Kate’s life, it’s bows. Jessica from Princess and the Penny offers such a wide variety of bows. I’ve actually been surprised by her ability to notice trend and popular colors and then convert that trend into adorable bows! I’m truly impressed with that aspect.

I’m also impressed by the quality of her bows. They seem to last a long time for me, even when Kate chews on them. I don’t know what it is about different fabric textures that gets Kate to put them in her mouth. Thankfully Kate is really good about not putting small objects in her mouth that traditionally shouldn’t be in a baby’s mouth. BUT when it comes to fabrics like blankets, shirts, BOWS etc., sure enough you will find it in her mouth. She kind of nutty like that. ;)