The Plumb Family // Utah Family Photographer

The Plumb family is another family that I’ve been photographing for a long time now. In fact, their youngest Eliza wasn’t even born. I think Ruby was just a baby at the time I took their families pictures for the first time. They are another favorite family of mine because I’m always a fan of what Cami comes up with in regard to outfits. There’s one thing I do know is that Cami will always wear pants. It’s a funny observation to make but in every family photo I’ve done with her she’s worn pants. And understandably so because she got good legs. I would say see for yourself but maybe that’s a weird request to make? I will let you decide. ;)  I LOVE what Cami chose for her family this time around!!! And let me tell you, my have her kids grown SO MUCH!!! Cami use to live in our neighborhood but she has since moved. It was a really sad move for me because Cami is the most optimistic and caring person to be around. She has positivity about her demeanor. It makes me want to be more like that. I really admire Cami in SO many ways 

One thing that has always stuck out to be is that she is always smiling. Even through church when one of her kids acts out. She just takes them out and has a smile on her face. I remember noticing that and at the time we didn’t have kids. I always told myself that I wanted to be that way. It’s still a goal of mine because let’s be honest, it’s hard to be positive when your 3 year old is screaming. Something I’d like to work on and try to be more like every day. Here’s to hoping that I can get there.

Another AMAZING thing about Cami is that she is a homeschool mom. I LOVE LOVE that about her. I think public school and homeschool are both amazing and work for different kids. I also believe that there are pros and cons for both. Anyway, I love that she homeschools. I’d personally love to look into homeschool one day. I don’t know if I have the energy to do such a thing, but I love the idea. Maybe I will just put my kids in school until I’m done having kids and then I can think about homeschool. It’s just a lot of work and we aren’t done having kids. I think it would be really hard to homeschool and be pregnant or have a newborn. We thankfully don’t have to worry about that right now. It’s still something to think about. Do any of you homeschool? Do you love it? What are your thoughts?

Anyway, enjoy the post and please come back for more. OR stick around and explore some more!