Scott & Marie // Utah Engagement Photographer

A beautiful couple, location, and lightly falling snow, I can't think of a better combination for an engagement session. Seriously look at these two, and Marie couldn't have picked a better location. On another note, I am actually blogging! YAY! It's been since I've gotten pregnant that I've blogged. Pregnancy certainly throughs you for a loop that's for sure. I certainly have an easy pregnancy compared to many, but there are still some difficult parts. I am finally feeling more back to myself and excited to hit this wedding season with full force, well until our little boy makes it debut!

Anyway, enough about me, more about these two! Scott & Marie met through tinder. They both laugh about it but I personally think it's super cute. Their first date was at Jamba juice and both didn't expect anything from it. Well apparently they hit it off and look at them now, planning their future together. Scott and Marie complement one another very well. Marie is SUPER sweet and smiles ALL. THE. TIME! It's beautiful! I told Scott that if you two every get in a fight, I can see Marie, although mad, still having a smile on her face. And her smile is beautiful! Scott is full of jokes and really knows how to make Marie smile and laugh. Maybe that's why she smiles all the time because she is completely in love with Scott and they truly make one another happy. They are a perfect match and I am looking forward to their wedding come May! It will be perfect!!