Sedley Family // Utah Family Photographer

This family was a real joy to be able to capture! It was a lovely day, sunny and it lightly snowed. If we had taken pictures the day before, everyone would literally have been miserable from the wind, cold and rain! I couldn’t have planned the session better myself. Even though to me it was a nice day, the poor Sedley family froze their California bottoms. I was really impressed at how well they handled the cold, considering they are from Cali. Which brings me on to another cool aspect of these family photos. They all flew into Utah to visit their daughter/sister for a few days. I am sure their daughter just loved that their family came and visited for the holidays. What a neat treat for the family to be able to travel. But how could you not travel when you have the MOST adorable granddaughters. McCartney and Liv have such cute personalities and are full of character. OH and I need to mention their hair and eyes!!! They are seriously just gorgeous kids, they inherited some really great gene’s. They really took the cold so well, I was so impressed by them. Thankfully they always had someone to snuggle up with. 

I also wanted to point out that the mom Christine, is also a photographer! Which can always be nerve racking when you have a fellow talented photographer contact you asking to take their pictures. I sure hope I was up to your expectations Christine. Thank you so much for asking me to take these, it was so much fun and if you ever visit again, please fire me again, i'd LOVE it!