Newborn Photo

Baby Cora // Utah Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

I have photographed this family for a really long time! I photographed them before they got the most adorable babies! They both were at BYU and had been married for a year or so. It has been so fun seeing them each year as they’ve changed. The newest change is their sweet baby Cora. She was THE smiliest baby I’ve ever photographed. Take a peek and you’re going to see some good smiles out of Cora.

The Thurston Family// Utah Lifestyle Photographer

The Thurston Family// Utah Lifestyle Photographer

I took Jessica and Ryan's Maternity pictures a few moths ago, I actually haven't blogged them yet. I've been terrible at blogging since Thomas (our little boy) has arrived. But Thomas surprised me with a longer nap than normal this morning, so I find myself having time to blog!

Baby Carson// Utah Newborn Photographer

This brand new baby was such a treat to work with. He was so sweet the entire time, such a good baby! Taking pictures and editing these makes me SO excited for our little baby to come. I can't believe our baby is going to be here in 4 more months and then I can hold him and kiss him. But this post isn't about our baby. It's about Carson. You can tell that this little boy is loved so much by his parents. Morgan, his mom, is so sweet and takes such good care of him. He is certainly well loved. 

I hope you enjoy these pictures and seeing this sweet brand new baby boy!

Baby O // Utah Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Today I am sharing a very special post of a new little guy who came into this world, just a little over a week  ago. Little Baby Owen, who has to be one of the cutest little guys i’ve ever seen! Besides my nephews of course. But this little guy is practically family to me. :) He is the sweetest and his parents couldn’t be happier. 

When I first arrived to their home to take their lifestyle portraits all they could talk about was how much they loved Owen and how happy they are to have him in their life. They never mentioned the lack of sleep or the huge change in their life, but rather how smitten they are with him!!! Melanie is such an amazing mommy, and they way she looks at Owen is full of love and concern for his welfare. She truly would do anything for Owen. Collin is equally in love and you can tell that he is also so proud of his wife. The way he looks at Melanie is a look of enduring love for the sacrifice and the strength she has for bringing this sweet little one into the world. They truly are happy to have him in their life. 

Another thing to add, isn’t their nursery the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen???? Melanie came up with the idea and Emily, Melanie’s sister in law, sewed a LOT of the things you see in the images, like the pillows and curtains. They did an amazing job!

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I have! I am so smitten by this family, I know you will be too as you see these pictures!!!! :D