The Thurston Family// Utah Lifestyle Photographer

I took Jessica and Ryan's Maternity pictures a few moths ago, I actually haven't blogged them yet. I've been terrible at blogging since Thomas (our little boy) has arrived. But Thomas surprised me with a longer nap than normal this morning, so I find myself having time to blog! New mom for the win! It's been so fun to be a mom and it has so many rewards. 

I am sure Jessica and Ryan have seen this already. Baby Hanks is 2 weeks new in this images and he is seriously such a doll. From his hair to his little baby lips! There's something so special about a new baby and all the new things that come with it. It was so fun to take these pictures and Jessica and Ryan are so easy to work with and such chill first time moms. You can tell that they both are just so in love with Baby Hanks and all his sweetness. Jessica is such a great mom who doesn't seem like a first time mom to me. She really knows how to handle any situation with Hanks and you can tell he just kisses him all day long. I hope you enjoy this session and all of my favorites that i've posted.