The Jones Family // Utah Family Photographer

This family session was SOOOOOO much fun! I seriously love children and LOVE taking family pictures. It’s so fun to see families come together and interact. The Jones family was so fun to be around but it was also fun to observe. I am seriously an observer. When I was younger my dad would take me to the ball game and we would spend most of our time people watching. It was also so fun to see the way people interact. I think that’s why I love photographing people, especially when family is involved.

The Jones family are so fun and energetic. Aubrey, one of the daughter in laws said, this is what you get to look forward to. I think she meant it as, this is tiring. But for me, I was excited because I LOVED and enjoyed their children. They were all so fun and adorable! I look forward to when Thomas actually understands how to interact with family members, specifically cousins. I LOVED the last few images of the children on the bed having a pillow fit. Now that’s what being together is about. Having fun and getting to know one another.

I hope you enjoy this session and Jones family if you’re reading this, check your inbox tonight!! I am currently uploading them now!!