The Green Family // Utah Family Photographer

The Green Family have made an appearance on the blog. Tiffany is my hair dresser, and let me tell you, she is TALENTED!!! Like seriously I wish she could do my hair every single day. Normally when people do my hair, style wise, I'm not please. But she just knows how to do my hair. I am so thrilled to take their families portraits. They are such a sweet family and SUPER cute. Dawson is 12, which means he's in the Young Men program at our church. Steven (my hot hubby) is in the young mens at our church. He knows Dawson pretty well and Emerson is in our primary. I am the primary music leader and he is stinking cute at church. It's so fun to see their personalities. 

This is one of my favorite locations because it's literally a 5 minute walk from my house. Now that is a HUGE score. We also live about 1 mile from the "beach" and so we took advantage of both spots. It was so much fun. I hope you enjoy!