The Johnson Family // Utah Family Photography

And then there were 8, yes that's right, there will be 8 people in their family come next year! I LOVED the way they surprised their family. Sunny (the mom), start by handing out these numbers to each kids. The kids just thought it was their mom being artsy. Once we took a picture of all of them holding the signs, they then had their kids look at their mom and that's when it all made sense. Their going to have another sibling! I loved their kids reactions, it was cute and funny all at the same time. I was SOOO grateful to be apart of this families reveal. I love this family and I am so grateful to call them family. Craig (dad), is cousins with my husband and we've gotten to know their family over the years. When I first met them I was obsessed with their second youngest, tommy. I thought he was so darling and I LOVED his name, now we have a Thomas. Although we don't call Thomas, Tommy, he's still the reason behind the name. I love the name Thomas, it's such a sweet name