The Keith Family // Utah Family Photographer

Helloooooooo Keith Family!!! I think I’ve photographed their family 3 or 4 times now and each time I’m in love with their family, their style and love for each other. Like seriously let’s talk about family goals here! A month leading up to this Mark was called into our Stake presidency. If you’ve never heard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, you’re probably confused right now. It’s fine. Just know it’s a SUPER high calling in The Church that takes a lot of responsibility and time. AND not to mention Mark isn’t even paid for his endless hours he will be spending to help others. It’s a massive sacrifice from not only his part but his entire family. I can’t image being in that situation BUT I know his family will be blessed for their sacrifice. BUT you didn’t come here that. Although I’d recommend looking up The Church. It’s worth your time.

Back to the session though. It’s funny how much I’m reminded that I’ve improved so much as a photographer when previous clients come back. I look at what I did for them in the past and then I see the present and I’m like “dang girl, you’re getting better.” I mean who doesn’t want that realization. If we were continually the same and not improving how lame would that be how. And how on earth would that even increase my skill and work effort. I’m grateful for a family like the Keiths who keep coming back and reminding me of that. But also they just make my job easy and fun. They are the best to work with! I feel so blessed in my profession to meet so many amazing people and to learn from them. And heck yes I learn from people in a short 1-1.5 hour time frame. You better believe it my friend.

Enjoy this GORGEOUS fall session! It is such a beautiful one in SO many ways. And thanks for stopping by! 

OH and did I mention we had a deer spotting?? Well see if you can find the deer in the images below! It’s really tricky to find. ;)