Design Loves Detail // Utah Interior Design Photographer

Design Loves Detail does it again with her interior Design skills. Seriously with her interior design skills and my photography skills combined, we create some beautiful stuff. I mean mainly it’s Mollie BUT I contributed a little. I mean really all I need to do is click with my finger and BOOM magic is captured, Mollie’s magic. This photo shoot was mainly to photograph a new line of hers. She created the most amazing pillow designs. I think they are perfect for fall and winter. Actually to be honest, I think they are perfect for all year round. Then again, I am not interior design expert, but I can see adorable things. I’m not that inept in that regard. Anyway, her stuff is gorgeous and I think you need to take a look more closely at her shop!

I loved the way she styled these pillows because a lot of them were so creative that I was like “I didn’t even think about that!” Seriously I loved the way she styled them. AND I got to take a few photos of her and her youngest! How lucky am I! In case you were wondering, I felt very lucky and happy about it. One of the rooms we captured was her nursery. OK get this, her master bedroom is on the main floor. I LOVE the idea of the master on the main floor BUT my biggest issues is, we aren’t done having kids. I hate the idea of a new baby being upstairs and the parents being downstairs. At least that’s hard for me. Mainly because that means more effort to get to my sleepless child. ;) The awesomeness of her house is that with their master being on the main, their nursery is the only other bedroom on the main! I’m sure you could convert that room later to be an office, craft room or whatever. I seriously would LOVE to have that in our next house. Just a smart idea. I wish I had thought of that. But I guess that’s why she’s the designer, she knows what she is doing.