The Stucki Family // Utah Family Photographer

This family session is one that was REALLY hard not to post all 300 plus images from this shoot. First off we went to the Little Sahara Desert in Nephi. A place that I’ve always wanted to shoot at!! This place was more than I had ever imagined. I mean come on, look at the photos below! I am so happy with them and I want to take my families pictures there. The only problem, it’s a 1 hour and 15-minute drive from my house. It’s hard enough to even get my husband to do photos but then to add the drive time, impossible! Haha! I love my husband but photo’s aren’t his thang. Actually driving long distance for a 1-hour event isn’t his thing ever. You know, I get it. OK maybe I don’t. ha! I’m all about doing anything for beautiful photos that I get to hang up in my house!

But enough about the AMAZING location let’s just talk about the Stucki family for a minute. I mean aren’t they just to die for!!!! Cortney has THE cutest style and their kids, gah! Everyone is so well put together it made my heart sing. I photographed Cortney and just her kids many years ago. In fact, I would be pretty embarrassed to even post them. Not because of them, they were SUPER stylish and adorable, but because I was still working on my brand. I don’t even know if that is the right world to explain it. I felt like back that I had a good thing going, but every year I feel like I get better and better at my skill. I love that but it also causes me to cringe looking back at previous session, especially when they are from many years back. This time I feel like I was a lot more in my element. I just loved this session.

Another aspect I wanted to mention about this session. THERE IS NO RECEPTION IN THE DESERT!!! Talk about giving me high blood pressure. I was freaking out that I would miss them. The good news, I didn’t miss them and we found each other. I think in the future I would drive with them or meet somewhere that has reception and then drive together to the location. You live and learn, right? This session was a learning one for sure, in the phone department. ;)