The Remington Family // Utah Family Photographer

I seriously am in LOVE with these images and family. The Remington family have four very adorable girls. I mean seriously these girls are just so fun and easy to photograph. And this location was stunning, I mean seriously so stunning. I am a huge fan of aspen trees. What I love most about them is that they are all connected, like all their roots are connected. It’s seriously just a cool concept! Anyway, back to the Remington family.

Kimi, which is the mom of this cute family. She has become a super good friend, and like all my friends they come because of running. I mean, I don’t make all of my friends through running, but it’s a good way to do it because you have a lot of time to chit chat. It’s been a lot of fun to get to know her. I’ve learned so much from her and one thing I’ve for sure learned is how to be a better mom and wife. Kimi truly inspires me to become a better person. The Remington’s are such a great example to me!

I hope you enjoy these images!!