The Ward Family // Utah Family Photographer

I seriously love photographing families, this family was one that I LOVED to photograph. I had so much fun with Navy and Sky, they are THE cutest little girls. Since we most likely won't have girls, it's fun to be able to photograph girls and to hang with them. Navy and Sky kept grabbing my hands to walk with me. It was my favorite thing of the entire night. Seriously I can't get over how cute they were to be around and I want to photograph them ever year. I hope they do come back AND if I ever have girls please let me have girls like these two. 

They were the cutest when they interacted with each other. There was one point that I asked Navy to give her sister a huge. She literally went on a full fledge run to her sister and jumped on her and gave her the biggest hug. It was also a favorite part of mine. They really were the cutest girls i've ever met and quite the pair. I hope you enjoy!!