The Gifford Family // Utah Family Photographer

After shooting this family, if I had all boys I would be totally okay with that. These young men are seriously some of the most stylish guys ever and their parents are equally stylish. Their outfits inspired me on how to dress my little boy. I think sometimes we give boys are hard time, that it’s not fun to dress boys, they don’t have cute stuff, only girls do. Well you’re right in part. They don’t have cute stuff, because cute is kind of a girly word. But they totally have stylish attire that is super trendy. I honestly feel that when I dress Thomas (our little boy). I love shopping for this clothes and I think they looks dapper in his outfits. Anyway, these guys know how to dress, well this whole family does.

You can tell that this family loves one another. It totally shows in all of their images. Take a look and tell me what you think. Which outfit is your favorite? Which images is your favorite? I think the 1st and 12th image down are my two favorites.