The Williams Family // Utah Family Photographer

One of my favorite families to photograph is the Williams Family. I've photographed them before their cute little baby girl came along. It's been fun to see the change and the growth in their family. It's fun because Jesse and I were pregnant at the same time and our kids are 1 week apart, which is so fun! Not only are they close in age but they live like 2 minutes from us. How rad is that. I secretly hope that Thomas (my baby) and Elianna (their little girl) get together in their early adult years. How cute would that be. It's a match made in heaven really. ;) 

I loved this location because of the gorgeous sunflowers. Seriously sunflowers are so pretty and I want our family pictures taken here next year. Sunflowers just reminds me of joy and happiness. I was so happy when they chose this post and the light was also perfect! Perfection all around.