The Rickard Family // Utah Lifestyle Photographer

The Rickard Family were one of the first families I photographed, and back then they only had sweet Nora. It's crazy how time flies and families keep growing. This family has always been one of my favorites to photograph because Alli has the BEST style. I always think she does such a great job putting everything together. 

I meet Alli a few years back when I started working for a company called WellSteps. She has trained me on a lot of things when I started working for them. I actually just quit my job last February, so I don't see or talk to her as often, which is pretty sad. Alli is super mom and takes care of her kids full time and works. She is seriously so amazing and such an awesome example of a good mom. I am constantly surrounded my good moms that teach me how to be a better mom. 

Shane is an awesome videographer and has a great eye for that kind of stuff. It makes it more fun to shoot his family because he does have a great eye for these kind of things. Y'all should check out his work. It's pretty awesome!

I hope that you enjoy these family portraits, as much as I have!