The Smith Family // Utah Family Photographer

Bre is out numbered in her family, 3 boys to 1 awesome momma! Judge and Bre actually live just a few streets down from us. When she contacted me, I got SUPER excited for several reasons, 1. because they are a darling family 2. I knew it would be a lot of fun. It helps that Bre has a great sense of style. I love her dress in particular, I want one for myself. I got to know Bre better through the show Bachelor. We were contestants, ;) OK we weren't, but we felt like it sometimes while watching. haha! It's certainly a guilty pleasure of mine and if my Mother in law found out, she'd probably think I was going to you know here. haha Anyway, it's been fun having girls nights with her and a few other girls. I am excited for Bachelor to start up again! 

As you can tell Judge and Bre have two cute boys, Q and Jacoby. They both are full of so much energy and smiles. It was so fun to be around them. I seriously love children and I am grateful for the opportunity to take pictures of Kids because then I don't have to have 20 kids, I can take pictures and play with other children. It's a lot of fun. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!