The Shumate Family // Utah Family Photographer

The Shumate’s have hit the blog! I’ve made it a goal to blog sessions within 5 days of shooting, this is my first for that goal. I took the Shumate’s pictures last Wednesday and it was such a perfect session. As you will notice, there are two cute CUTE kids in this family, Ellison and Burke. I just have to say, I work with some amazing families and awesome children, but these two were the most adorable and obedient children I’ve EVER captured. They both loved the camera and loved to cheese it up in front of it. They made my job a piece of cake the other day. Not only were they just perfect, but they were best friends. I loved seeing the way they interacted and played with each other. My favorite image of them is when they are kissing in the orchards. It is seriously the sweetest. Clearly Chris & Bri are doing an amazing job raising them.

I hope you enjoy this session because I seriously adore this family. ENJOY!!