The Brown Family // Utah Lifestyle Photographer

This is one of my favorite families to capture! I mean look at how gorgeous they are, especially Courtney. She has the best hair and is so so pretty. I took pictures for Taylor and Courtney a while back for their anniversary, and it’s one of my favorite couple’s session to date. You should really take a look to see why I think that way. And now they have a sweet baby boy, McCoy Styles. I seriously about died when I heard that name. Isn’t is the cutest thing I have ever heard. I mean seriously everything about his name SO perfect. I am SUPER excited about the Brown’s having a baby because that means my little boy and McCoy will be buddies! The Brown’s backyard actually touches ours, so clearly it’s a friendship made or forced. ;) It will be so fun as our boys get older, to see them running around together causing mischief. I seriously can’t wait for that day.