The Shumate Family // Utah Family Photographer

There are so many things I need to tell you about this fall family session. Like seriously I can’t believe how everything turned out, considering the terrible circumstance we were in! OK maybe I’m being a little dramatic over the whole situation, but hey I’m a woman. We had plans to take their photos up at Tibble Fork Reservoir. I met them at their house and then I hopped in their car. We got to the booth to pay national forest fee and mind you the guy had the following conversation with us.  

Booth Guy: Hi where are you going?

Us: We are going to Tibble Fork to take some family photos.

Booth Guy: OK have fun!

And just like that we were off. We went maybe a quarter mile and we were stopped in bumper to bumper traffic. We decided to wait and see because after all the guy at the booth didn’t say anything. We ended up sitting and waiting for about 20 minutes and, not kidding, we moved 20 yards. Like whaaaaaaa the heck is going on. So we decided we better turn around and find another location. I of course feel instant panic. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW!! I’m literally screaming in my head. Chris says to me, well Kristina where should we go. I thought well there is the gully. It’s not my first choice and it’s more like a last. Deep down I was super disappointed and I said a little pray for help. We started driving there and on our way I was like whoa look at that place. AN ANSWER TO PRAYER!!!!! There was a gorgeous location just calling for us! And so we flipped a U and headed that direction. It was magic, pure magic! I mean everything turned out so beautiful and perfect! I honestly feel so blessed and I can’t thank Heavenly Father enough. He clearly answered my prayer that day.

And the Shumate Family is another family that I’ve been photographing for a while now and I’m not even sad about it. They are again another stylish family that I LOVE to capture. Bri’s maternity portraits (a session I also need to blog) were some of my favorite!). I took those last Summer in Albion with the gorgeous flowers. I really love that location. One day I would really like to have my family take their photos there. Until then I life through clients like Bri who have shot there. I guess you just need to stick around so you can see her maternity photos when she was pregnant with Hartley, who is now 1 years old! Time sure does fly and I sure love this cute little family!