Demi // Utah Children's Photographer

I love doing 8-year-old baptism photos and Demi was such a little model child during this session. When I first started talking to Demi I said your name is so cute, like Demi Lavato. She said No more like Demi Moore. That is a much better choice. I mean hello Demi Moore is elegant and classy. It was such a cute way that she declared it. Such a sweetie.

The cool thing about Demi’s dress is that her oldest sister, Hudson, got her baptism photos also taken in them. And yes I took those too! Unfortunately, I didn’t blog that session and since it was two years ago, it’s probably certain to say I won’t blog it! Haha! As much as I would love to I am so behind on blogging by the time I got to it, it might be the year 2030. But who knows, you may get lucky! It was a session that I REALLY loved and still love.

Demi was super cute during her session. You can just tell that she is very excited about getting baptized. Or it could have been because she was able to wear make-up. Talk about super cute! I think she felt like a true Demi Moore being able to wear it. She pulls off make up so well. Such a cute girl!