The Wesley Family // Utah Family Photographer

The Wesley Family have hit the blog and they are a super cute family! The sibling pictures are probably my most favorite sibling pictures I’ve taken during fall 2018. They were super cute together and you could tell that they love each other. I’m also pretty sure they have a good time together. I love sibling shots and it reminds me that I wish that I had gotten more of those when I was a kid. But let’s be honest there are a lot of photo’s I wish that I had when I was younger that I never was able to have. I blame it on divorce but to be honest I’m sure it’s technologies fault. ;) haha! Now a days everyone has a fancy camera.

I’ve taken the Wesley’s pictures a few times now and this session was for sure my favorite. I love the style of everyone. Everything worked perfectly together and the light was AMAZING in our location in American Fork. I really wouldn’t mind shooting more families here! Maybe I will get lucky and be able to capture some before winter comes. But of course as I am writing this, by the time I post this, it will be winter. So I guess we will see.

The Wesley Family are solid. Tika just got a new job BUT pervious to it, he sold during the summer. This last summer he was gone for the entire time while the rest of the family were home. That would be EXTREMELY hard to do and yet this family did it. And they are solid for doing that. Not to mention Carli is/was in nursing school too. OK super women, way to make the rest of us look bad. ;) But how amazing is that. She is about half way through her degree. I respect people like Carli who go to school and show their children a hard working mom.