Giving Up on Photography // Thoughts on a Tuesday

I think there are times in our lives when we face struggles that make us just want to give up. In the beginning of my photography career, there had been many occasions where I felt inadequate and should give up. I think we all have those feelings of insecurity at times. We can really be hard on ourselves sometimes.

I have never been perfect, but I have worked so hard in my career. There are a few things that I have learned about struggling and feeling inadequate:

1. Often times when we feel the most insecure there's usually something big happening. I am not joking, I feel like whenever I had a really hard moment in my career, shortly after there is some awesome reward. 

2. Because of the reward, we should never give up. As we persevere through those hard times in our careers, in life or in a situation, there will be light at the end of the tunnel. I promise there is, even though sometimes we think that light at the end of the tunnel is the train.

3. There are people who are there, wanting to back you up. I have found that when I am going through hard times the ones who love me the most are there for me to encourage and help me. People around you are blessings. 

4. Insecurities will always be there. We are human and with that comes human error. I know I have things to work on. It's important to work on those things, but not let those things consume your mind. It's poisoning, so think happy thoughts! 

For those who are experiencing inadequacies, you can do it!

With Love,