Moo Yeah, New Business Cards!

I have been needing some TLC to my business cards, so I decided to spruce that area of my business up.  I feel that in the last year I have really developed my style and have blossomed quite a bit. I wanted a simple way to convey to potential clients my style and a small glimpse of what they get when they book with me.

A Business card, if designed correctly, can really show off your brand and who you are as a photographer. So how can you show off your brand through a simple 2inch x 3inch piece of paper? Here are some ideas that I have. 

Logo, Logo, Logo!! Above is my "sub" or second logo. Not my main one, but a small recognizable logo, for occasions such as this! I would recommend a "sub" logo, but certainly it's NOT necessary. What do you do if you don't have a "sub" logo?

You make sure your main logo is large and in charge on the business card! You want your logo to be seen and recognized. The more other people see your logo, the more quickly they will come back to it and to you! Think about McDonalds, their logo is EVERYwhere! But that's another topic, for another day. Just remember, logo that card up!

How else can you represent who you are as a photographer?

Through the beautiful images you have created! YES, you create beautiful images and they need to be seen!!! Your images are who YOU are as a photographer and it's YOUR brand!

By having images on your business card, it gets the potential client excited! They see those pictures and then they can begin to picture themselves having images like that only of THEMSELVES!! It's like you are giving them a crystal ball that is showing them their future images! What! Yeah I just said that. Foretelling their photo experience.

Just make sure you keep that expectation and produce EQUALLY beautiful images!

Now the question is, how can you reach out to DIFFERENT kinds of clients? That's where the AMAZING comes in. You have the option to choose style of back side you want, with no additional charge!!!! Talk about hooked me, hook LINE and sinker! This is perfect for the photographer who doesn't just shoot one particular genre. For me, I have some business cards that have wedding images, engagements, families, maternity, etc... That way if I meet someone randomly who might be engaged, I can give them a card with a wedding image. It will specifically appeal to that individual. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!?!

Maybe I am more excited about this than you are, but this is awesome stuff!

You may be now asking me, Kristina, how thick are the business cards what are they like!?

THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I was really worried that I would get some flimsy thing that just would be destroyed upon entering my purse. These will absolutely NOT do that. They are thick and beautiful. The images on the card look exactly like they did on my computer, an even greater plus! Their print quality is seriously amazing! The texture is kind of like canvas, which is a totally a  plus! These are seriously amazing and I will forever use! Love it!

A BIG BIG shout out of Kylie & Adrian for helping me out! You two are awesome and inspiring!

Moral of the story is: get business cards and make sure it represents who you are and your brand!!! Let clients look at these and think, "I HAVE to have him/her as my photographer!" And lets face it, you totally deserve it!

Have any more questions? Shoot a question to my contact me page! I will be sure to answer any questions you have, to the best of my ability!

Always Smile,