Husband are cool!

We had snow this weekend! Talk about a celebration for me! I had to go out in it and take some pictures! I thankfully have a wonderful husband who is willing to be my hand model!

As I look at this pictures I can't help but think how thankful I am for the hands of my husband. My husband and I worked together back in 2008, he was doing construction and I was a secretary for that company. When I met him and saw him work, that was the first thing that attracted me to him. I knew that he was a hard working and strong the moment I got to know him in our work setting. You see we had known each other before, but I never took a second thought until we worked for the same company. Thankfully our job had changed that for me. I remember asking him MANY MANY times for him to grab something for me or lift something for me because 1. I knew he could 2. I thought he was the most attractive thing on earth, and I wanted to be close to him and get to know him. Glad that my silly girlness worked because now we are so happily married.

Today his hands are what provide for our family. Everyday he works or goes to school in order to provide. He has made so many sacrifices for things that he really wanted. He has a keen sense of mind of what is and what isn't important. So gratefully I married a husband who works hard! Thankful for his hands that continues to fix things in our house and to grab things from tall shelves, which this short girl could never reach. He has been such an inspiration to me and I am forever grateful for him!