You'll shoot your eye out!

When I decided to change my ENTIRE blog set up, I really wanted to have a personal section so that clients, family, and really anyone can get to know me better! As much as I LOVE and maybe am a little obsessed over photography, I have other interest as well.

A tradition in the Bills Family is going shooting every time we are all together. I guess when you raise 5 boys and no girls you make manly tradition. Thankfully I grew up around guns and enjoy them myself, to a certain extent. I REALLY like the smaller guns that don't kick and make little noise. I LOVE me some 22! Seriously I love it! I can shot those every day. Guns larger than that, are not my favorites and I try to not shoot any of those, unless encouraged to do so. :) Not that I think they are bad or anything, but they just aren'y for me. Thankfully there are others that prefer 9, 45s, shot guns etc. :) 

Here are some pictures of the fun day we had yesterday! I personally LOVE capturing the shells coming out of the guns. Take a look VERY closely and you will see the gun shells to the right of most of the images. I think that is really neat! And if you don't appreciate that artistic side of the images, maybe you just enjoy the guns. :)