Happy Second Birthday Hayden!

Our Little nephew has been such a joy to have in our life, we seriously love him so so very much! He is spunky, fun and lovable. I remember when he was born and now he turned 2 years old today! Time is seriously flying by so very fast. Steven and I have such a tender place for this little boy because we baby sat him every week, before we lived in our home. We would do laundry at Aubry and Brian's house while they did a date night. It was perfect for us and them! 

I frequently tell Aubrey that she is the best mommy and has made Hayden into such an adorable toddler! I hope that your children become as well mannered and loving as him! We love you Hayden, happy birthday!!

Hayden LOVES planes! He gets that love from his dad, who owns a plane. It is seriously the MOST adorable thing EVER!!

This was when he was only a few months old, look at him! Seriously I wish I could just hug his chubby self now! 

This is from his first birthday! Always happy! :) He has changed a lot in a year!

And just to show you how spunky this kid is!! haha He makes the best faces! We sure love him!!