The Snow Escape!

We had the AWESOME opportunity to miss out on a snow storm this weekend! We traveled down to St. George, where it is a little warmer, with NO snow! It was so much fun to get away, to have the weekend to ourself AND enjoy a BEAUTIFUL bridal session! The Bridal session will come in time, after the their wedding! :)

WIth Steven's brother living with us, we have found that time together has become interrupted a lot. Because of that, it was so nice to just get away for the weekend, just to two of us. I am so thankful for photography that allows us to travel and spend time together! We will be traveling to Cali in May, just the two of us, so that will be a lot of fun for the both of us! I seriously love my husband and I am so thankful that he is helping me run to get my dreams of being a full time photographer! 

Here are some awesome images of the actual location and a picture of me and my HOTTIE assistant! He is the BEST!