Girls Night! // Candle Making!

Every thursday night, Emily and I try to get together to have some kind of girls night. It is seriously a genius of an idea! It's fun to escape and just have girl time, where we can talk about our life and just do girl stuff! This week we decided to make candle's! Emily is a genius!! All we needed was some bee's wax, doterra oil, wicks, and BANG you have a candle! We decided to have a grapefruit smelling candle. It was one of Steven's favorites out of my top four choices. The only thing that was kind of a bummer, you can't smell the grapefruit because the bee's wax has such a strong smell! Thankfully I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of bees wax! Such a beautiful project we were able to make! 

It takes about 3 days until you should really light it and let the aroma fill your home. I am very excited for monday to try out the candle. :) 

ALSO did I mention these were taken with my NEW macro lens! I am seriously I LOVE WITH THESE LENS!! I can get so close to my object and the quality is still amazing! Check it out!