DIY Pin Wheel // Girls Night

I seriously LOVE crafting, and most of my personal page will consists of crafting, my husband and photography related. Sorry people! One of my closet friends, emily, who is also a photographer, we have a girls night once a week. She and I both have a love for crafts. This week we made pin wheels for our table center piece! Let me tell you, I AM IN LOVE!!!!!

Here are the steps (sorry I don't have pictures in detail)

1. Cute paper into a square. For ours I did on 12x12, 10x10, and 8x8. I wanted various sizes. Emily did 5x5 I believe. 

2. Fold paper in half diagonally. you want the paper to eventually have four triangles. 

3. Cut on the folded lines towards the center of the square from all four corners. Be sure NOT to cute the entire way, corner to corner. That is bad. Make sure you leave about an inch of no cuts in the center. (Does that make sense/)

4. Bring one of the two corners of the triangle to the middle. We then hot glued it. We could also pin it if you actually want it to spin. since this was a center piece we hot glued it (plus it was just easier).

5. Hot glue a pretty center beading. I went to walmart and got two cute beading things. I should have gotten 3 but I thought I was only going to make 2. (DUH Kristina, odd numbers looks better than even!!!!) No matter I will get that later. 

6. hot glue to a stick! 

BAM there's your pin wheels!!!