Wall Book Flower/Wreath DIY

I have been wanting to make a flower book for a REALLY long time! I have seen it a little here and there, but I was never the right time to make it. For some reason when I went online all I could find was DIY Book Wreaths. And although those are super cute, I love the actually flower. I used some of the wreath tips, but ended up making up a lot of my own ideas. 

I also made two, the first was more of an experiment and so was the second but at least I had a grip of what I wanted. 

These are the supplies you need, except because I was playing this by ear, you also will need an xacto knife! Sorry people for that! I used cardboard and I made two circles, one about 12 inches and the other 8 inches. I used my largest and smallest plate to trace a perfect circle.

I ended up cutting part of the circle so I could cut the inner circle. Then I taped is. You can't notice a difference. 

Then I tied a piece of string around the top of the circle. I thought this would be nice to hanging. It will be covered later, so don't worry if it's an ugly string, it can even be pink! :)

Then with an xacto knife, I cut the inside seams with it. It was nice because I could cute several pages at once, which make it MUCH easier! You can also use scissors, book cutter or any type of knife. 

Then I held one corner and folded another corner to the middle, as seen in image above.

**HINT** The wider the largest circle is, the better! I learned that the hard way.

Then fold the other half in to make a triangle type cylinder. (I can't remember what the actual shape name is, sorry!)

Then I tapped it with some clear tap, so that it wouldn't be seen.

Once I did that I folded the small ed up a little, as seen in image above.

Then I put one side of the paper on each side of the round cardboard donut.

Then I stapled it, super easy!

Then I stapled one all around the donut!

Doesn't it look so pretty so far! :) Love it!

Then you want to flip is over, as seen in image above.

Then you are going to do what you did with the staples, with a glue gun! That way you won't see the ugly staples. 

I held the down, so that it would stick to the cardboard. 

Then you will do this all the way around the cardboard layer by layer. There will be a LOT of layers!

And then this is what you get!! :) I honestly LOVE IT!! It fits perfect in my home! Can you image it in yours!?!? I hope so!

Here is another angle of it! :)

Enjoy and good luck! If you have any questions making it, please fill free to leave a comment or send me a message!