Happy Birthday Naomi // Frozen Cake

I first want to start out  by apologizing for spelling your name wrong Naomi on the cake! Most people who really know me, and maybe you've noticed when you read my blogs. I am the worst speller known to man. I think that has a lot to do with my dyslexia. Thankfully I realized it before we arrive to dinner but not soon enough where I could redo the pictures I took! YIKES!

Anyway, this cake was made after a frozen cake I saw online on Pinterest of course! I soon created my own master piece. Although lets be honest, I am not the best at cake making. BUT it is seriously so fun for me to cook! I LOVE cooking so much. Once upon a time I wanted to be a culinary artist that made lots of pastries and stuff (not that I was good at it but I LOVED the idea). Now instead I teach people to not eat pastries. The life of a pseudo health freak! :) 

Naomi LOVES the movie frozen, so I thought it would be a nice touch for her birthday. She really is a SUPER great person and she also does photography. She most recently shot our cousins wedding. Naomi also was one of our photographers for our wedding. I actually think, the link was from our bridal session. One of my favorite images to this day is the third on down. I love it! PLUS I freaking love my dress!! It was perfect and I seriously am in love with it!

Happy Late birthday Naomi, we love you!