Bedroom Remodel

We finished building our home about 14 months ago and I am FINALLY getting around to finishing our bedroom. I would show before pictures, but it's really embarrassing. Essentially all we had was a bed on the floor with one plastic Walmart dresser thing that we borrow from family. It was sad. So back in April I made some Wall Book Flowers, two to be exact. I put one where my stairs are and the other in our bedroom (you can kind of see it in the pictures below). 

Then we purchased our bed set, after saving enough money. I wasn't too picky to be honest, I just wanted to stay under budget. I think Steven was more particular. I was SO happy about that because someone had to be. Steven and I decided on the below bed set. My favorite part are the draws under the bed. We put blankets there for the winter time. We know we will need that. It gets so cold here! We purchased the set at RC Willey.  We also bought our couches there. We had heard some bad things about RC willey, so that was a last resort place for us. But we LOVED the customer service!! The other place we went were trying to make us go over our intended budget and they would frequently say "we have the best financing." For us debt is something we never want to get into, for the exception of our home. Steven calls that good debt. With RC Willey, they never pushed us and they respected our budget. 

Now the most important part, and my FAVORITE part, is our picture. I want our home to be simple with not much on the walls, I love white space!! Or in our case, grey space. ;) So I thought one photo in our room would be perfect. We got our pictures done by Heather Ellis. We LOVE her!!! She is an amazing job on our photos! The one we used is my FAVORITE and lucky for me, it's Steven's as well. You will see the original image at the bottom of the blog. It's such a good one. I have decided that if we ever change the image above our bed, it will always be just of us, even with children in our life. I know it will be important to remember that one day our children will leave and all we will have left is one another. 

I apologize for the poor quality of image on my part. But it was 7:20 in the morning and the sun wasn't out yet. :( But I wanted to show you, because a lot of people have been asking!

Thank you Heather for this AMAZING picture!!