Gender Wives Tales

We soon get to find out what our sweet babies gender is. We are beyond excited to hear if we are having a boy or girl. I wanted to write a blogpost about all the wives tales about gender reveal in regards to my pregnancy. My best friend did this for her first and I thought, when we get pregnant, we will do that! So here I am writing this post. I can't image anyone reading this except my mom but it's something fun to have for the future. 

1. Heart Rate: Babies heartbeat is above 140 (girl) 

2. Acne: No increase in acne (boy)

3. Cravings: Craving fruit (girl) and chips (boy)

4. Moodiness: I am certainly more moody, sadly (girl)

5. Chinese Calendar: (girl)

6. Dream of Sex of Baby: Dreamed once it was a boy (girl)

7. Dad's weight gain: No weight gain since conception (boy)

8. Morning Sickness: None (boy)

9. Protein: Not craving (girl)

10. Feet: Have always been cold, no change (girl)

11. Headaches: None (girl)

12. Urine: Dull (girl)

13. Skin: Soft (girl)

14. Sleeping: Left Side (boy)

15. Legs: Haven't changed (girl)

Final Score:

BOY: 4
GIRL: 10