Baby Bills // Star Wars Baby Shower

Last Saturday I had a baby shower put on by my best friend Emily, my awesome sister in Law Aubrey and her mother and sister. Four wonderful women and it was perfect!!! Of course I had to take some pictures but I only had about 5 minutes, so unfortunately the pictures aren't the best, but they will get the points across!

Emily was in charge of the decorations and she made everything herself! My two favorite parts were the diaper cake and the party favors. On the diaper cake, there were homemade suckers (they were delicious), a Darth Vader teether, an adorable book and bottles. It was seriously so perfect! And then for the party favors, everyone got homemade soap. If you look closely they were molded after various star wars characters or objects. I wish I had captured all of the various types. The soap is made of goats milk and scented with lavender essential oils. Seriously adorable! Oh a couple other awesome details to mention. The ice in the containers are death starts with lemon and lime inside. So creative AND the cup have little yoda's on them. She also made those as well. It was seriously so perfect and full of star wars!

Now the food, it was delicious!!! Aubrey, Shenole, and Jessica had lots of fruits and veggies, chips, salsa, 7 layer bean dip, and the BEST chicken salad sandwich i've EVER had. It was so yummy and the serving trays were perfect and all the same color! It was seriously so yummy and I wanted to eat EVERYTHING!

OOOOH one more star wars detail Emily did, the cookies have light sabers on them and the cup cakes she created those as well!!! So adorable!!!

Thank you to those who came and supported our new adventure, we are so thrilled and can't wait to meet our baby. After having this shower if has really hit me that in two months we will meet this little boy whom we've never met but love so dearly!

I hope you enjoy and maybe you can take some of these awesome ideas for yourself!