34 Weeks and a floral potluck

Last Wednesday I was invited to a Floral Potluck Party and it was a blast! It was hosted by a friend Adrian and essentially everyone brings flowers from their garden, the store or the side of the road! Yes even the side of the road. Adrian found a TON of wile flowers on the road for the party. It was a genius idea! Then we got taught by the wonderful Elysse from Thread of Scarlet about how to make floral crowns and bouquets. Once we received instructions we went off on our own making. It was seriously a blast and so fun! And I must say, I am not bad for doing this for this first time. :) Well maybe to you who know floral arrangements I am terrible, but to me I feel pretty good about it. After I made the arrangements I thought, it would be a waste if I didn't photograph my 'art'. So I made my husband take some photo's of me, since he is pretty great with a camera as well! 

Here I am 34 weeks, 6 more weeks to go (give or take a week or so). I still can't believe I am 34 weeks! And for those who care, I thought I would give an update on how things are going. 

First of all, I am really enjoying being pregnant for the most part! It's fun to see my body get bigger and bigger because I know there is a baby inside me growing with me. I am amazed by my body, it seriously blows my mind. While I go about my daily activity, he's growing growing growing! I really don't have to put too much thought into the process of building this little boy other than consuming the right things. Such an amazing thing. I love feeling him move and his hiccups are probably my favorite part. 

His movements are so different than what I expected and from what I hear others experience. His movements are fluid and gentle, almost like he is stretching his little body. I never really feel him go crazy on my bladder or punch a lot like I hear others experience. I am not sure if that portrays his personality, but if it is, I feel like he will be a gentle and caring little guy. I really can't explain the feeling I have. He will be our little sweetie.

He loves hearing his dad's voice. When Steven and I first wake up or go to sleep (when we have pillow talk) he is always moving like he knows we are there talk about him. Steven loves to put his hand on my belly during those times (and really all the time) and usually he will fall asleep that way. It really touches my heart how much Steven loves this little mystery guy, who we've never met. He truly is a perfect little boy and I can't wait to meet him!

I want to stick to the positives of pregnancy, because it's a beautiful thing and it certainly needs to be portrayed that way. There are times where it's hard and I wonder what were we thinking, but then I am reminded how I am assisting in the Lord's work and that is creating life. I am also reminded that not everyone will experience bearing a child in this world. My heart breaks and I weep for those valiant women. The Lord knows their hearts and yearnings. 

I also wanted to add some images taken by the fabulous Kristina Curtis. We took these when I was 31 weeks. d